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KingdomCraft Season 7.

Season 7, this is a completely new User Interface, well 2 User Interfaces to be exact, the Kingdom UI can run withouth the Shops UI. These Interfaces control Everything required in Game from creating Kingdoms to making Shop Plots

More information will be writen up and posted here, with a full User Guide on the use of the UI's, below a quick list of what is in the UI's

Console Commands:

Main Cmmands:
  • ! = Help.
  • !kc or !KC = Give Compass for making User Plots and managing Kingdoms.
  • !sh or !SH = Give clock to making Shop Plots.

  • Chat:
  • !ko or !KO = Whisper a message to all your Kingdom members.

  • Information:
  • !st or !ST = Display Block Count to Screen.
  • !sbc or !SBC = Show Players overhead Block Count.
  • !hbc or !HBC = Hide players overhead Block Count.
  • !spi or !SPI = Show Actionbar plot info.
  • !hpi or !HPI = Hide Actionbar plot info.

  • Play - Music:
  • !pig or !PIG = Play Pigstep.
  • !other or !OTHER = Play Otherside.

  • Click here for more information on the KingdomCraft UI

    KingdomCraft Season 6 Has Started.

    Season 6 is a bit different from our normal servers, this is an extreamly hard server. We have gone away from the main rules for now.... but the common sense rules will still apply. Good luck with season 6, Only stratergy and team playing will survive this server.

    KingdomCraft Season 5 Has Come to an End..

    Season 4 Ending Soon.....

    Season 4 will be ending once the 1.20 Bedrock update is officially released, some players are still working on base builds in Season 4, but like always in these Survival Servers, player numbers are dropping for many reasons.

    Balancing a server around all these reasons is near impossible, the reasons range from New players not wanting to compete with full Netherite bullies, to players that get full Netherite gear and then give up thinking the game is finished!!! but that's just one end of the scale, at the other we have players that have built a huge base and start running out of ideas or they just get busy in real life. Whatever the reason, we are just here to provide the experience, we are focused on trying to create a family friendly, community based server.

    With season 4 ending it will be added to the Previous Servers section in Servers on this website, it will have all the add-ons removed and be in Spectator only mode, Season 3 is also hosted.

    Voting ... mainly for Season 5

    We have been posting many Votes in the Discord voting channel for Changes to be made in Season 5, thank you to all that took the time to Vote.

    Voting Results and Changes as Below:

  • 061: The previous 2 servers will now be hosted in Spectator only mode.
  • 062: Shopping district will now have standard 40x40 plots, in a more protected grid fashion.
  • 063/069: Mini-Games we had 2 Votes on this - Conclusion - A New server is now Hosted for Mini-Games.
  • 064: Kingdom HQ plots, Each Kingdom will get a plot of 100x100 in size around the spawn area, most likely in some form of grid pattern.
  • 065: TP between the Kingdom HQ and Kingdom Base area, this will be added. 5 hours or more of game play to use TPs.
  • 066: FoxyNoTails Mob Head Add-on - this is going to be in Season 5, but only if it generates no issues with our Anti-Hack system etc.
  • 067: Importing Destroyed Kingdom Bases from backups, is a YES, but only for genuine players, maybe Voted on dependant on kingdoms game play.
  • 068: Season 5 the Kingdom HQ, Shopping District and Spawn will be Fully NON PVP.
  • 069: Covered above in 063:
  • 070: Many players complained in Season 4 of being killed. but this vote, the margin is not great enough for me to pass it, but funny thing some of the players that complained the most about being killed, Voted no on this.

  • So that covers off all the voting etc, many changes are being made and some are already done, like the mini-games server.

    Mini-Games Server

    As per the voting, this has now been made a separately hosted server, and can be found in the servers section on this site.

    What is On this server?

    Not setting Spawn at some games or forgetting to set spawn at others can majorly effect your Games experience

    Drip Leaf Spleef:
    Run round on a bed of drip leaves knocking out blocks below your opponents, win by being the player not falling, while spectators can also throw snow balls at you.

    Slime Spleef:
    Run round on a bed of slime blocks knocking out blocks below your opponents, win by being the player not burning in lava below.

    Castle Defence:
    Castle Defence is a little more complicated, it does require 2 or more players to even activate the game.
    Objective - Hit all other teams targets on the tower.
    Game Play:
  • 2 players start game.
  • Set spawn.
  • Gear up on Red or Blue Team.
  • Players can fight on the Ground or from the tower.
  • If you exit an iron door, returning is only by someone opening it or death.
  • Ground level is PVP direct combat.
  • Lower tower level allows a player to press buttons that reset targets, while being shot at!!
  • Upper Level is bow shooting, players/targets.
  • On winning the team will be announced.
  • To play again 2 players must go down to reset the game again.

  • Mini PVP Arena:
    Just a small PVP arena this is located at the top of the Pyramid, all gear available in Arena.

    Giant PVP Area 300x300 blocks with border warning and TP:
    This is a standard style Game Play PVP battle area, all OP items available from the area.
    Set Spawn, Collect Gear, GO MAD!!!

    Capture The Flag:
    This one is fairly self explanatory, but Set Spawn, get gear, run for the ball in the chest at the other end of the field, try not to die, bring it back to your goal area and drop ball in. First team to 9 wins.
    Note: the Game Reset is in the Red teams area.

    Zombie Island:
    Oh My this one is from BorgWarner... Good luck people, this is pure Zombie Hell, eventually you are just going to die, but how long can you last, many variations of armor and weapons available, the choice is yours.
    Don't Forget to Set Spawn!!!

    1 - 5 Player Target Bow Range:
    Simple bow range game, first player to hit the target 5 times wins, but what is this you say? Hard mode? oh yeah once a player hits a target, all other player scores drop by one, could be at it all day :-)

    1 - 2 Player Target Bow Range Race:
    This one you reset game at the start, collect items, enter your side of the rooms, Left/Right. Once in the room stand on the pressure plate and hit the target with an arrow. Wait about 1 second then turn to enter the next room and repeat. The winner of this game is the first one to exit the last room after hitting all targets. Each room illuminates lights above the room, so you cannot cheat.
    What this is too easy you say? well use the book to select easy to insane modes.... Good Luck

    Season 5 In the Making...

    As you know we are well into the process of developing the Builds etc for Season 5, we do not have a Confirmed date that Season 5 will officially be starting yet, but expect it to be within the next 3 weeks. Season 5 is dependent on the 1.20 Bedrock update being officially released, as we want the world to be 100% 1.20 generated.

    We have tried many variations of game play in previous servers, striking a balance between PVP and Toxic behaviour and normal Game Play / Builders is always a challenge. Season 5 we are hopeful that kingdoms will unite together more for trade etc.

    Changes for season 5:

  • The world borders in season 5 will be 50,000 in the Overworld and END, the Nether woudl be locked to 6250, but could be expanded.
  • Grid style Shopping District, 40x40 blocks usable area with better protection in place.
  • Kingdom HQ plots near spawn, 100x100 build area to show off your Kingdoms. We may have a best built vote on these.
  • A TP that allows your Kingdom members to TP between your main Base and your HQ build near spawn.
  • FoxyNoTails Mob Head Add-on, giving more items to be collected in game
  • A PVP arena near spawn that players will be able to have battles/Wars.
  • No PVP ability in the Shopping District, Spawn or the Kingdom HQ build areas.
  • Base destruction will be rectified by myself and imported back to the server from backups
  • The "End - Dragon Fight" will be a server event as per the recent voting

  • We are hopeful with the above changes, that the Shopping District will become more active, as Kingdoms will have easy access to TP from the Kingdom HQ's back to base etc.

    KingdomCraft SMP

    Some Standard Server Rules

    port: 19132

    Season 5 Guidelines and Points

    These are not rules as such but more about players respecting each other and the server. And features etc that we have in Season 5

  • 1 Do not make a mess of areas under 500 from Spawn.
  • 2 Do not make HUGE 1x1 towers close to the 500x500 area allocated to plots.
  • 3 Do not build any bases under 500 from Spawn - if you do it may be removed for HQ or SD Plots.
  • 4 Only Kingdoms can apply to have a SD Plot.
  • 5 Kingdoms automatically get one HQ Plot near spawn, just let us know the plot number.
  • 6 Only 14 HQ plots are made, any more will be chosen player locations within 500x500.
  • 7 HQ Plots will get a TP block for the Kingdom to TP back to base, (THIS IS NOT A SERVER WIDE TP).
  • 8 Each Kingdom will get a TP block that TPs kingdom members back to spawn this will be around 0 0.
  • 9 Kingdom TP blocks will not work for players that have not played on the server longer than 5 Hours.
  • 10 The walkways are now designed not to be mined, spending hours breaking the highways may get you a ban.
  • 11 The END dimension will be locked for the first 2 weeks after the server opens.
  • 12 The Dragon fight will be an announced server event.
  • 13 The Mob Head add-on has been added to the server, These are collectable, NOT Wearable.
  • 14 If your base is majorly destroyed and has base protection, contact me and we can look at fixing it.

  • Common Sense

    The following are the Basic Server Rules of the existing server rules and will get you warnings, temp bans or a permanent ban.

    1. Sexist, racist and general toxic behaviour and game chat.
    2. Bypassing the in game swear filter in any way.
    3. Continual unjustified killing of new players, to the point they leave the server.
    4. Invisible skins or skins that change the PVP hit box area.
    5. Hacking in items.
    6. Speed hacks or any other player movement hacks, like phase etc
    7. Auto clickers used in PVP, (ok for use in AFK farms etc)
    8. Begging for items ( This is not "GiveCraft")
    9. Begging to be in a Kingdom.
    10. Begging for Op Status.
    11. Doing nothing but stealing from other players, and killing animals etc, rather than playing the game normally.
    12. Creating major damage to a protected Kingdom base without consent.
    13. Being rude or abusive to Moderators.

    You may also be warned or banned, if your game play style is having a negative effect on other players enjoyment on the server.

    Remember this is a game to be enjoyed not regretted,

    New Player Tips

    Some general game play tips for new players. Moderators are not on the server to protect your items or replace your itmes.

    1. Do not build too close to spawn.
    2. Protect your base by forming a Kingdom.
    3. Do not build too close to the obsidian walkway.
    4. Do not base protect a base with 500x500 when it is 400 from a walkway.
    5. Protect all storage from being raided when in base protection.
    6. Make secure doors, normally 8 blocks thick for storage areas etc.
    7. Try to get an Ender Chest as soon as you can.
    8. Use some form of mob head to prevent being tracked.

    These are the most common problems we see with new players joining and leaving the server, if you think of anything that can be added let us know.

    KingdomCraft Players

    3 main player types exist in the KingdomCraft server..

    1. Standard players
    - a person who isn't part of a Kingdom, will follow player rules.

    2. Kingdom member
    - a person who is part of a Kingdom.

    3. Outlaw
    - a player who has broken the rules.

    Player Rules

    A player is anyone on the server, but in reference to these rules, a player is a separate player or group of players not part of any Kingdom. They are bound by similar rules to Kingdoms, breaking these rules will make you an Outlaw.

    1. A Player must not attack players or steal items from Kingdoms.
    2. A Player must not attack new defenceless players for no reason.
    3. A Player must not do any minor damage to Kingdoms, this includes using Alts and Spies.
    4. A Player must not kill animals or villagers in a Kingdom.
    5. A Player must not publicly disclose a Kingdoms location.

    Kingdom Rules

    Definition of a kingdom: A group of 3 or more players, alts or real, that has created a base within a land protected area, by using the KingdomCraft Book. Anything outside of this is not considered a Kingdom. A base or structure outside a protected area is not covered by the Kingdom Rules.

    1. A Kingdom must not attack players or steal from other Kingdoms.
    2. A Kingdom must not attack new defenceless players for no reason.
    3. A Kingdom must not do any minor damage to another Kingdom, this includes Alts and Spies.
    4. A Kingdom must not kill animals or villagers in another Kingdom.
    5. A Kingdom must not publicly disclose a Kingdoms location.

    As a player that is part of a Kingdom, breaking these rules will result in that player being removed from the kingdom. They will become tagged as an Outlaw.


    An outlaw is a player that breaks the Kingdom Rules. But also could be a solo player seen killing other players or stealing from a kingdom. These players will be tagged as an outlaw resulting in the following restrictions.

    1. Outlaws will be removed from any Kingdom.
    2. Outlaws will be tagged as an Outlaw.
    3. Outlaws will no longer have access to use the KC book.
    4. Outlaws will have any form of mob/pumpkin head deleted from Inventory.
    5. Outlaws will not be able to use Potion of invisibility.
    We may place a Wanted board at spawn with outlaws names and bounty amounts.

    Limitations on players helping Outlaw!!!

    Players and Kingdoms are not allowed to help outlaws, in any way. Anyone found helping an outlaw, may also be tagged as an outlaw.

    Things to remember for Outlaws

    1. If an Outlaw is killed by the Kingdom they had been removed from the Bounty will be Void.
    2. If an Outlaw is killed by an Alt account proven to be from the same player and/or kingdom, the bounty will be void.
    3. If an Outlaw dies and loses all items, this will not decrease the timeframe of that player being an Outlaw.
    4. A player will remain an Outlaw for a set amount of time depending on the crimes committed, if an Outlaw is seen to be continually stealing and killing, the time may be extended, and the bounty increased.

    When is PVP allowed?

    1. If a player enters the server and is immediately rude, toxic etc to players.
    2. If a player is clearly a hacker, this would need to be confirmed by moderators.
    3. If a player comes to your base un-announced.
    4. If a player is seen killing animals or players at your base.
    5. If a player is seen stealing from your base.
    6. If a player is seen breaking parts of your base.
    7. If players both agree to PVP each other, this includes Kingdoms.

    ****Unless Moderators see a reason, none of the above will make you an Outlaw.***

    Any of the above reasons feel free to stab away, and also report what is needed to Moderators if none on at the time.

    Moderators are not here to replace your stuff. If you lose items due to having a stick battle, when it turns to weapons (as it always does) then your stuff is gone.

    The Staff Team

    The Staff Team

    Staff Team.



    Founding Kingdomcaft back in 2021, since then has seen Seasons 1, 2 and 3 start and finish. With the start of Season 4, seeing more than 1000 players come and go from the servers. Many of those players still play today.



    Has been and Administrator and Moderator on the KingdomCraft servers, and other server for around 3 years. Keen Redstone and General builder.

    Remember M9


    Remember M9 has been an Administrator, Moderator and Developer for KingdomCraft for over a year. Developing the Anti-Hack system and the KingdomCraft in game book, used for Kingdom management.



    RagingDiscord has been a Moderator on the KingdomCraft servers for over a year. We all know him as "the crazy redstone guy", if you come across some crazy machine, Raging is probably standing close by.



    SlimJim has been a Moderator on KingdomCraft for over a year. Known as "Mista Stabby Stabby", has a keen attachment to anything that explodes. With an obvious sweet tooth, Grandma's cookies seem to always be at hand.



    UltimateZack has been a Moderator on KingdomCraft for over a year.


    Discord Moderator

    Baaka has been a player on KingdomCraft for over a year. Is a keen builder of large projects.


    Discord Moderator

    BrownyPanda has been a player on KingdomCraft for over a year. Also a keen builder of large projects, including several Spawn builds. Recently becoming a Discord moderator.


    KRC Moderator

    KingGlitchKill has been with KingdomCraft for over a year playing on previous seasons. Has since taken on the role of moderating and managing the KingdonCraft Relations Committee KRC.