What is KingdomCraft?

KingdomCraft is a survival server that allows players to create their own kingdoms.

With this comes the ability for Kingdoms to:

  • Create your own internal Kingdom Rules.
  • Manage their own Kingdom Players.
  • Manage your base protected area via the KingdomCraft Book.
  • Craete a Kingdom HQ at a protected plot near spawn. (this Can NOT be a 2x2 dirt box) It represents your Kingdom!!
  • The option to have a TP command, too and from your HQ and main Kingdom Base. More info below.
  • Ability to apply for Shopping District plots.
  • Ability to be represented in the KRC.

  • Shopping District:
    This is a plot protected area that will be setup in a grid fashion, at this stage plots will be 40x40 blocks with a further border around them to protect from players damaging them.

    Kingdom HQ:
    This is a plot protected area that will be setup in a grid fashion, this will be a set size of around 100x100 blocks with a further border around them to protect from players damaging them. This is Purely for Kingdoms to show off their building skills.

    TP Blocks:
    These will only be available to Kingdoms, they will be limited to 2 TP blocks, one located at the Kingdom Base, and one at the Kingdom HQ. These TP blocks will ONLY work for the associated Kingdom members that have been playing on the server 5 hours or more. An example of this would be if a player joined the server, then immediately joined a Kingdom, the Kingdom TP blocks will not work for that New Player until they have been playing on the server for 5 hours

    About the Kingdom Idea:
    You can think of a Kingdom as its own nation. Added with little to no staff intervention via the KC Book, it is up to kingdoms to manage their own problems in a diplomatic way. Moderators will step in only if this starts to disrupt the other players in any way. The KingdomCraft Relations Committee (KRC) provides a way to vote on issues, and allows all kingdoms to have a say in server events.

    There are rules that players and Kingdoms must follow, these have been expanded over time, due to a rise in server toxic behaviour. We want Kingdomcraft to be a server players can trade and show off building ability. With PVP being a mainly consensual arrangement between players and Kingdoms

    Managing most things for your Kingdom is done Via the KingdomCraft Book, it provides an intuitive user interface. Through the UI you will be able to establish your kingdom by yourself, no staff or command blocks necessary! You will be able to place where you want your Kingdom's base protection to be centred with options for a 100x100 to a 500x500 block protected area. This will act as your Kingdom's plot protection, at this stage will prevent players being able to open chests or grief your base, this included the use of exploding items.

    KingdomCraft aims to supplement vanilla multiplayer survival and force players to work together. There is no individual plot protection on the server, meaning you must find a Kingdom to join, or create your own. We believe that multiplayer is more fun when you play with others; not just isolating yourself. We also believe players should not be restricted. Our rules provide the perfect opportunity for your Kingdom to play Minecraft in its own way.

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